Newswipe 1.1
Series 01, Episode 01
Show Newswipe
Air Date 25 March 2009
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Newswipe 1.1 is the first episode of the first series of Newswipe which was broadcast for the first time on 19 January 2010.

Summary Edit

Brooker discusses television news's coverage of the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, particularly focussing on the gimmicks used to present "the crunch" to audiences, "The Week in Bullshit", which looked at Pope Benedict XVI's comments on birth control, the overblown coverage of Muslim protestors in Luton, and later the damagingly sensationalist reporting of the Winnenden school shooting. There are also authored segments about the PR industry's present influence over journalism with a case study on the NatWest Three by Nick Davies, a poem on bankers by Tim Key and Danielle Ward attempts to rebrand the economic downturn as "moneygeddon".