Series 2, Episode 3
Show Newswipe
Air Date 2 February 2010
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Newswipe 2.3 is the third episode of the second series of Newswipe which was broadcast for the first time on 2 February 2010.

Summary Edit

Brooker reviews the media's coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, concluding that while most coverage has been exemplary, the need to tell a story has occasionally distanced journalists from the reality of the situation.

Marina Hyde discusses the increasing importance placed on celebrities in the news and how attaching celebrities to causes can sometimes overshadow, rather than highlight, important issues. Brooker continues this thread by discussing the conflict of interest of the news both reporting on and promoting celebrities, particularly focussing on the triviality of Five's Live from Studio Five.

The "Week in Bullshit" segments look at the media's attempts to fathom the Home Office's UK Threat Levels indicator and the hype regarding the Apple iPad.